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  • Sri K V S Rao

    When speaking of Shri KVS, one can list the usual information about Shri KVS, date of birth, date of joining service, postings held, date of retirement and ultimately the date of his death. But that does not define him or only partly defines him. It does not bring out his unique, individual characteristics, his in-built value system, his attitude towards life and whole other aspects that were integral to his personality. The essence of his uniqueness is that he while not being the brightest and the best achieved far greater heights than those who were overtly so. He combined the rare virtues of being both a visionary and an implementer. While accepting life as it comes, he tried to learn and implement whatever was within his control. He always felt that the system was not wrong but the people implementing it. The system would as time went by need some upgradation for sure. Instead of setting out to change the system entirely, he tried to improve upon it by doing whatever was within his ambit. He understood the value of working smart prioritising the to do list as opposed to working long and late. He was able to make a proper work life balance. He did not start his life being perfect at everything. At one point of time he was an average student too. After entering civil service at the tender age of 22 years he was quite raw in many ways. What made him stand out was his ability to absorb, learn, imbibe and focus. He read a lot. He was never afraid of asking questions even at the cost of being made fun of. He made a note of all his queries and decisions on all files pertaining to his posting at hand. He was committed and loyal to the Govt of India and the state of AP and was grateful for having been given the chance to serve it to the best of his ability. His confidence and decision-making nature, fearless attitude stemmed from his thoroughness and grasp of the subject how ever varied they may be from Dairy Development, to Steel to Glass, Jute and departments like Road Transport, Revenue, Commercial Taxes, Excise, Medical to name a few. He took each posting cheerfully and did his best to improve upon it He had true compassion for the under privileged and in his stints in the districts understood how through various govt policies he can benefit and empower them. What set him apart is that coming from a small town, with no mentors as such he realised his potential, his strengths and built upon them. Everyone can do that! One need not be a gold medallist to achieve great heights All it needs is to learn, understand, analyse remember, use the learning. Confidence comes with thoroughness and compassion and humility stem from listening to others to know their problems. When one realises that there is always something to do however restricted one might be, there is a feeling of purpose as also gratefulness. It is pointless to just criticise without offering a solution This was what Shri KVS did in fact – nothing extraordinary – but with so much conviction that it made him memorable. For academic interest I am appending his Official Timeline He made a mark in every department he served and remains a legendary figure to date among the young and old. Persons who created the endowment : Smt Kameswari garu ( Wife of Sri Late K V S Suryanarayana ) Smt Saraswathi , Sri J Ramamurthy and Sri K Satya. Beneficiaries under this endowment : Kum M Prakeerthika and Kum Anjani Praveena for doing their B-Tech program upto 2017-18 and Sri Kameshwara Siva Sampat doing B-tech from NIT Harimpur 2018-19 ( His widowed mother works as a clerk at shankermut vishakapatnam)

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