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    Sri Renduchintala Lakshmaiah Garu was born on 9th September 1909 in Pandita villuru, West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. His father was a vedic scholar of poor means and could not educate his children beyond Matriculation. Young Lakshmaiah undertook a fast near his village pond to impress upon his father to send him for higher education. His father agreed to send him to Machilipatnam where he graduated from Noble college and Sri Lakshmaiah was the first graduate from the village . He concentrated on education of his children and four of his children were engineers and other two were postgraduates and have become teachers and were instrumental in educating many emphasizing the importance of education. Children and grandchildren of sri Lakshmaiaha Garu have instituted this award to perpetuate his memory during the centenary year of his birthday in 2009 and disbursed scholarship assistance annually in his memory. Members of the family who have contributed for endowment 1)Sri Krishna Murthy Renduchintala 2)Sri Ravindranadh Renduchintala 3)Sri sunderLakshman renduchintala 4)Smt Parige sundari Lakshmi 5)Smt Gosala padma 6)Smt Renduchintala sundari 7)Smt Padmini Renduchintala Beneficiaries of Endowment The objective of the endowment is to identify a person who is a native of West Godavari District. Mr Sainath has been identified from the 8th class in the year 2009 and is supported continuously till he finished Btech education in 2017 _18. This year additional amount has been granted to undergo tools of Technical training to enable him to settle down securing a job.

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