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    Sri I. Bhujanga Rao was born on 20.05.1910 at Choutapalem village in the then Kandukur Taluq of Nellore District. He did his B.A. (English) Literature from Andhra Christian College, Guntur during 1935-37 and till his retirement in 1970 taught students English Literature with distinction. He was a great lover of Shakesphere. He married Smt. Saraswathamma on March 16,1930 and this brought Sri R. Venkatappaiah brother of Smt. Saraswathamma and Sri Bhujanga Rao into contact which flowered into a lifelong relationship and their relationship was considered by their sons and relatives as that of Krishna and Arjuna. Sri Bhuhanga Rao knew Telugu literature equall well and used to enact the role of Sri Krishna in Dramas. He was Headmaster of Kondepi High School from 1951 till his retirement in 1970 serving the Institution for almost all (20) years he believed in Nishkamakarma and never compromised on his self –respect. He was greatly attached to Gandhian philosophy and was moved by his death on 30th January 1948. A staunch follower of Jawahar Lal Nehru and was deeply influenced by Aravinda philosophy. After leading a peaceful retirement life for (34) years, he passed away at Kandukur on 21.02.2004. Sri Venkatappaiah garu was born at Karavaidi on November 15, 1905 and was village Karnam for the village Pachava for (65) years from 1920-1985. He was known as a English speaking Karnam since he studied upto 7th Class at V.R. High School, Nellore. He was a man of compassion and goodness and the whole village never went against his wish and his words used to be an un-written Law in the village. He passed away on 04.10.1992 in Hyderabad and this present Endowment is instituted in memory of both of them by the family members of both the families for an amount of Rs. 3.40 lakhs. The interest on which is to be given as scholarships to bright and economically under privileged students from Kandukur – Kondepi area of Prakasam District. Persons who contributed to this Endowment : Sri IYR Krishna Rao , Sri I Jayakara Rao , Sri R Radhakrishna Murthy , Sri. I Sreekara Rao Sri . R Baradwaja Rushi, Sri R. Raghavaiah, Smt I S Anuradha, Smt I Nagalakshmi, Sri I Madhava Sharma, Sri I Bhujanga Rao and Sri I Mallikarjuna Rao , Shravanthi Ippagunta. Beneficiaries of Endowment : 1. Mr. Guda Venkata Sai Chaitanya received support from 2012-2017 for pursuing B-tech program . 2. Mr . Ramachandruni Praneeth received support from 2014 for Intermediate and later for doing B-tech program at Sastra University and will receive the same till he completes the course.

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