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    htmlentities(Late Sri Gollamudi Sethu Madhava Rao was Renowned Chartered Account having started is carrier in 1947. Subsequently established his own firm as G. S. Madhavarao & Company at Hyderabad with branches in Warangal, Karimnagar, contributed for various Philanthropic, Religious, and Arts & Culture in Warangal. In fact both of his sons are the active members as Vice President of Veda Vyasa Vidaya Vignana Varadhi. The registered office of Veda Vyasa Vidya Vignana Varadhi is in their premises. Persons who contributed to this Endowment : Sri G.L. Raju Elder son has instituted the endowment. Beneficiaries of Endowment : Mr. Pothuganti Anil kumar , Receiving support from 2014-15 and he is now doing his III Year B-Tech , ,ENT_HTML5)

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