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    htmlentities(Jonnalagadda Kameswaramma Wo Late Jonnalagadda Radhakrishna Murthy. Her husband suddenly expired when she was 28 years old, survived with two daughters and two sons. Due to poverty and sudden demise of her husband, she had to undergo hardships. Her earnings was through working in Brahmin community houses and with tuition fee, it was the sole income to maintain her family, none helped her. She was optimistic and believes Trust in God do the Right. With her meagre income she brought up her four children and they have become responsible citizens and well settled and inturn following their mother footprints i.e, Help Ever - Hurt Never, Love A11. Late Kameswaramma s burning desire, was to give apart of life for services to society and contribute their harden savings to the society. Her motto was SARVEJANA SUKHINOBHAVANTU. Persons who Contributed to Endowment : Sri J. V. Rao Garu ( High Court Advocate) , Son , and Treasurer of Vedavyasa Vidya Vignana Varadhi. Beneficiaries of Endowment : Kum. Kota Gayatri Receiving the support for doing her B-tech Program from 2015-16 . She is now in the B-tech III year at Mallareddy College of Engineering. ,ENT_HTML5)

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