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    htmlentities( Late Smt Annapurnamma Kamaraju was the eldest daughter of Late Kommaddi Venkata Ramana and Ratnamma. She Strived very hard through our her life to justify the name given to her by her parents. She was very kind, soft humane by nature and helpful to everyone. She was also mentally brave to withstand all odds in life mentally, physically and financially. She spent her life like Bhishma in Maha Bharatham. She believed and practiced the following. 1. Help the needy or guide them from where one can get it. 2. Help the needy without expecting anything God will help you in the form someone else. 3. Help others physically if not able to help financially. 4. She organised Annadaanam even in those days with help of so many people. 5. She used to always present where need is there. 6. She loves children and believed they are Gods gift. Because of that noble works of her today we are in this position . Persons who contributed to Endowment : Narendera Kamaraju, Grandson . Beneficiaries of Endowment : Mr. V Srihari Sandeep , Son of a Purohit doing his medicine at Ananthapur Govt. College receiving support from the year 2016-17. ,ENT_HTML5)

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