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    Pathuri Hanumanth Srikanth born on 30.05.1986 , to Smt. P Usha Rani, and P Shyam Sunder at Nellore, he had his basic education in Vikasa Bharathi Ibrahimpatnam and at Brilliant Grammer High School at Hyderabad. He did his engineering at Farah Engineering college at Chevella , and stood 1st in the class and he is the only student who got selected to infosys on campus selection from that college. After working for three years with Infosys he is right now working at a MNC at California . Right from childhood he has inculcated discipline , love and affection , respecting elders which he has imbibed from his mother. His mother sacrificed all her earnings and time towards his personality development which made him a gentleman of first order. He has stopped celebrating Diwali, and his birthdays for the past 15 years and started visiting orphanage schools and homes and shared all their happiness and sorrows which gave him immense satisfaction of looking beyond life. It made him thinking about people who are in need and started using austerity measures , on graduating he took a oath that he should support a needy student perusing medicine who in turn saves the lives of many people for years to come. The subtle qualities, he imbibed made him to look beyond his carrier and job and started helping the needy when ever he came across such incidents, this prompted him to institute a Merit Appreciation Award in the year of his marriage to a needy student for pursuing a course in medicine and for the higher studies. Merit Appreciation Award created by : Sri Pathuri Srikanth himself. Beneficiaries : Kum . G Sridevi Naga Rajeswari , receiving support from 2016-17 doing her MBBS III year from “ Great Eastern Medical School & Hospital” Srikakulam.

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