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    Late Sri.Nagabushana Rao Kamaraju was the eldest son of Late Sri. KamarajuSubbanarasinga Rao and Late Smt. Annapurnamma He had higher secondary education and preferred hereditary job of village Officer rather than Government job which were available in plenty and with less competition. He was very straightforward, trusted everyone. He faced the difficulties in life without murmur owing to this nature. He believed in do not harm any one, if not help much He followed karma Siddhanta which he got from his mother. He brought up his children with some values trusted by him. We can proudly say that we are his children because of his noble thoughts and non selfish nature. Time and our life has took a full turn. We are thankful to him and God for giving strength to one of his children to help the needy. Persons who contributed to Endowment : Sri Kamaraju Narendra Kumar , Son Beneficiaries of Endowment : Mr. B.V.N.S.S. Sravan Kumar , Receiving support from 2016-17 , doing his B-tech Program , mother widowed , and dependent on his grandparents.

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