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    The Family is very modest in sending the following message. We have been asked to appreciate one percept humbly and inform that Smt. Kausalyamma is of the opinion that any donation given by right hand shall not be known to the left hand to mean no publicity and propaganda. That is the morale of his late parents their son Dr. M.V.K. Murthy is not qualified to say either way of any things about the pious and holy parents. He says that bowing to their lotus feet for bestowing him this birth , a very megre amount was given to the trust for doing the most wonderful and worthy service to the society and wanted us to carry forword their golden statement in our magazine in whatever humble expression. Persons who contributed to Endowment : Dr. M.B. K. Murthy and Family members Beneficiaries of Endowment : Kum. Ch . U Anantha Lakshmi Naga Sai, Receiving support from 2015-16 doing her BSC III , and her father is an electrician.

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