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    My mother Swargiya Chamarthi Seetharammamma was a dignified personality respected by all villagers and family members. She was having lot of sympathy towards poor and downtrodden and used to contribute for Education of children for purchase of books, payments of fees etc. Most important is that our village is situated on the river banks of Muneru river. There was a high school at Vatsavay village and many students have to cross the river and then go to High School at Vatsavay. During the rainy season when floods come students cannot cross the river and at the same time parents also cannot cross the river to receive their children. My mother used to give them shelter and food to the children in our house irrespective caste and creed. Next day morning parents used to come to receive their children. And even today the villagers praise her. She used to honour Purohits, Brahmins. Every year during Summer she used to invite Haridas for Harikatha Kalasheypam for 21 days in village and used to give all kinds of satkar to Haridasgaru. She was a brave lady underwent Satyagraha without water and meals a day when an English Inspector occupied our house when we are out of village. When the villagers supported her the English Inspector has apolozised her and vacated house. She expired on Vysaka Pournami thidhi after completing Ramayana Pravachanams for 40 days and she expired on the 41st day. I believe that she knows her death and firmely today she is in Kyalasem.

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