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    Nookala was born on 4th of August 1927 at Anakapally, Andhra Pradesh, India to Smt. Yegnachayanamma and Sri Annapurneswara Sarma as ‘Srividya’ upasaka. His mother fostered his talent and gave him the basic training in music and she is the cause of his passion for music in his life. His father always motivated and encouraged him. Nookala was spotted as a young musically talented boy by the traditional theatre too, and handled a few boy roles singing the verse with gusto that stunned the seniors. But it was the classical music that attracted Nookala right from the start. He has started as violin student and Sri Kambhampati Akkaji Rao led him to Sri Mangalampally Pattabhiramayya garu at Vijayawada, and he was under his guidance for 3 years. Nookala attracted by the violin legendary Prof. Dwaram Venkataswamy Naidu garu made his way to Vijayanagaram to learn violin under him. Prof. Naidu garu have Nookala the total encouragement and tutored him fully. Nookala accompanied Prof. Naidu garu on his concerts all over India. Prof. Naidu garu introduced Nookala to Dr. Sripada Pinakapani. To Nookala’s delight, the singing style underwent a sea change right after he came under the influence of Dr. Pinakapani who is a Doctor among Musicians and a Musician among Doctors. It was here Nookala sharpened his analytical approach, achieving a deeper understanding of the science and art of music and pepping up his style and unique new element of infusing the raga bhava in every note, every phrase that adorned his Kriti›s musical structure. Nookala was attracted by several musical greats but never aspired to become their clone. He developed his own style of singing never departing from classicism, at the same time justifying and beholding the beauty of ‘raga’ and the meaning og the ‘Kriti’, with special emphasis to the diction of the kriti which he rendered. Nookala is married to Smt. Sesha daughter of Smt. Annapurna and Sri Ayyalasomayajula Kameswar Rao a ‹Srividya› upasaka, and has seven children. Their home at Secunderabad always wears a look of festivity with guests, students and visitors of all kinds. The couple are famous for their hospitality. The commitment to the cause of music displayed by Nookala is rare to find. Such dedication and devotion to music have been his credo all his six decade plus, music career. He is always found occupied with music. He is either singing or teaching or writing about music or innocation newer methods in teaching music or planning for it’s propagation. Nookala being a visionary, thought always ahead of times, and leads a musical scene. He is born leader in his chosen vocation and mode of self expression which remained music, music and music alone.

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